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Updated: Jul 2, 2008 by waldmatias
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Source Code BETA-2.0-vs2008-mw.snippet
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thread safe singleton, x2 locked singleton, factory, others.

To "install", just copy the file (it's really an xml file with a ".snippet" extension) in your code snippets directory. By default, this is in the My Documents folder, "Visual Studio 2008\Code Snippets\Visual C#\My Code Snippets". By the way, I know some names (shortcuts) are not very descriptive, I just used what seemed most easy and which expressed what the code did (such as a starting upper H for "Helper" functions); let me know if you come up with a better (or alternative) naming scheme!
Quick quide for starting letter(s): H, helpers; p; public; pv: private, if: if ...; nn: not null; n: not

Available Shortcuts (start typing and when found hit the Tab key twice to expand them)
2.0 - (NEW!)
ifnn - if not null
Hispathadirectory - Helper: is path a directory? (notice the upper H; Helper functions)
assannne - variable assignment, array not null not empty (this is using ? A:B conditionals)
ifannbe - if array not null but empty
ifannne- if array not null, not empty
pvsrf - private static readonly field (starts with "pv" for private...)
pvrf - private readonly field
ifnn - if not null
... and those for the previous version:
pcsngltn - simple singleton pattern (including class)
sngltn - simple singleton pattern
psm - public static method returning type
pcctor - public class with constructor
psc - public static class
pc - public class